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My name is Martin. I reside not in the digital ether, but in my conservatory-come-bedroom (yes really!) in Nottingham, UK. This is my blog where I’ll document some of my creative persuits.
Martin Dimartino Marriott
I’m a graduate of BSc Multimedia and MSc Marketing and I’m currently working as a web designer in Nottingham for a gadget retailer.

I design front-end interfaces and ‘brand identity’. I pay close attention to SEO and usability to make sure sites get found on Google! I like learning about strategy and I have a customer perspective. I’m friendly, and I like working with others and understanding what they need to communicate via their website’s design.

I love technology, and am interested in nnovation and corporate strategy.

I also enjoy photography; I like designing and photographing stuff that’s rough and industrial-looking, but I like to see good use of white space in clean design too. I don’t really like convention. I love biscuits, coffee and Krav Maga.

I’m an infidel, strategist and undercover economist.

Anyway, I have been Martin, and this is Word.

I’d like to hear from you — feedback, questions, web design inquiry.

You can e-mail me, or catch me on Twitter!

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