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Cheese-flavoured Analogue…what’s this?!

by Martin on Apr.29, 2009, under Articles by Martin, Blog

I purchased a frozen pizza recetly…for £1! A San Marco margherita which, upon cooking, noticed that one of the ingredients caught my attention. The front of the box said “Analogue Cheese” – even pizzas don’t have proper cheese on nowadays! Before I commited to actually eating this mystery substance, I had to find out what this stuff was. It seems that it’s a kind of artificial cheese made from vegetable fat and milk ‘by-product’ which apparently has functional advantages over the genuine article as well as some types of analogue being suitable for vegans and vegetarians. No doubt it’s cheaper too, suggesting why it was only a quid.cheese analogue
It wasn’t too nice as a result! It seems that Sainsbury’s and Asda are selling these too, en masse on the isle ends, and now I know why it’s for such a low price. EU food labelling requirements do actually dictate that “cheese analogue” be clearly stated, which means it’s my fault I guess.
It’s the first time I’ve come across such fake cheese and it’s the last time I buy a cheap pizza from an unknown brand. When you buy a pizza, check the ingredients to make sure it’s actually got cheese on it.

Digital cheese anyone?


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  • Tracey

    hi i noticed this as well. i bought the san marco margarita cheese pizza and kind of wondered what on earth analogue cheese was. it’s doesn’t sound too good and certainly didn’t taste that good either.i found my initial expectations were right i wont be buying that pizza again. analogue cheese just sounds wrong it sounds like its made out of melted down tv arials lol. glad i’am not the only one to have noticed this weird cheese. thanks x

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