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I’ve written a handful of articles, giving my inimitable analysis! Here’s a few of my faves

Derren Brown’s Wisdom of Crowds [Sept 2009]
A break-down of why Derren mis-applied this fantastic theory in his lottery predication stunt.

The Future of SEO – One possible one at least! [April 2010]
Google moves the goal posts as its search algorith tries to second-guess what the user is looking for.

Spotify and similar delivery models: the only way forward for the Music Industry [Aug 2008]
Comment on the ageing, behemoth music industry and the ‘threat’ of piracy.

Honda’s Not very Green [Feb 2010]
Honda’s direct marketing doesnt appear to share the values of the rest of the organisation…

Run-in with the anti-TV License Mob [March 2009]
My defence of the BBC in the face of the Daily Mail-reading hoards.

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