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In my quest to perfect a more ‘clean’ layout, I made a couple of sample pages of a corporate-style layout…

I think these would look better with actual content and a bit about a real company, but it’s a nice template. I’ll make a homepage with ‘featured’ projects perhaps.

Consulting web Layout

I actually quite like this one, particularly the footer and the shade of blue — I’d like to code this one up. There’s potential for this to be hooked into WordPress.

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Categories: Portfolio, Web Design
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I’ve started re-designing the website of Sonic Soundz, a Nottingham mobile DJ.

In order to do so, I have started coming up with some logo ideas which I can incorporate into the site.

Here are some initial ones. I’m not sure if I like them as a final logo, but it’s something to develop.
They’re a work in-progress:

Sonic Soundz - Logo 1
Sonic Soundz - Logo 2
Sonic Soundz - Logo 3

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