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I got Mail

by Martin on Nov.12, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Well, today was a bit of a mixed bag of crap. Following my application to Logica a while back, I saw I had the familiar graduate scheme subject line in my mass of junk in my inbox.
“Thank you for taking the time to complete your application and our tests. ['here it comes' you think] Unfortunately….” ARGHH! Oh, look, ANOTHER blow-out! I really shouldn’t make a habbit of checking my inbox first thing in the morning before work…becuase it smashes one’s self-esteem for the day. They seem so impersonal and arbitrary in their decision to reject me. My life feels like one depressing struggle against these corporate monoliths.
On a more optimistic note, I was very pleased to recieve my Masters degree certificate in the post. Forgive me for being pleased with this, but it confirms my ‘Commendation’ degree classification. I now look forward to graduation later this month – pics to follow no doubt.

However…frankly, all of that nonsense pales into utter insignificance when compared to what else I recieved today…Modern Warfare 2! The game I have been waiting for for eternity. I even got some new headphones to play it with!
I have had precious little time to play, but I’ve borrowed sleep time to play it. I hope to complete it over the weekend. I’m AMAZED by the gameplay so far – it helps me forget my actual life.

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