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Michael Jackson Dies…A Conspiracy?

by Martin on Jun.25, 2009, under Articles by Martin, Blog

So here I am just having come home from work expecting to spend a long night working on my pressing assignment when I am sidetracked conveniently by this news of Jacko dying…michael-jackson
…I mean WTF! Jacko does not just DIE! He’s a staple of existence…he’s just there and always has been and we always expect he always will.

I find amusement in the way the the likes of the BBC report these things, with endless loops of footage just watching NOTHING happen.
Then, as the news broke and is confirmed, they have already managed to mash together a short obituary film documenting his life in 5 mins, before getting (the equally weird) friend Uri Geller to just say some stuff.

When I see something like this, such unexpected events, I alarm bells of conspiracy abound! I’m just waiting to see what the internet commuity have to say about the possibility of this being a blatent conspiracy. It adds up…he’s ALWAYS in the spotlight for some ridiculous claim or another (which never essentially actually effects anyone else) and this exit for Jacko is ideal and would probably solve his PR problems; although if he was going to fake his own death, perhaps he should have done it at the peak of his career in the early 90s, in his prime – but as ever, in sensationalised circumstances which is in fact quite ordinary. It just seems odd that only now has he booked many many tour dates for London…did he ever really have the intention of completing that tour?

He will probably join the ranks of Elvis Presley and Tupac in their immortality. Yes, they’re dead, but they stay alive in part because some will always regard their death as a conspiracy. The same will soon happen with Michael Jackson once bloggers start speculating.

Such a legendary artist woudn’t ‘just die’ like this without a huge following of conspiracy theorists….I think I may be one of them. It’s just you don’t expect someone so extraordinary to die in such an ordinary way.

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