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New Shiny Thing

by Martin on Feb.11, 2010, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Wooo…I finally got my new toy. My first proper D-SLR camera.

It’s a Nikon D3000. OK so it’s not a top-line one, but it’s still a decent entry model to the world of SLRs.

I’m a bit scared of it – it does stuff my old Fuji didn’t, so I need to take it out and play with it…but so far, it’s brilliant. It’s great not having any noise on indoor shots!
I look forward to taking this baby to the Lake District, France, Edinburgh and around Nottingham this year!

Nikon D3000 Nikon D3000

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Gran Turismo

by Martin on Jan.21, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

s7300570After a recent session of procrastination I was on YouTube and was checking out some old school game intros and movie clips…which sparked my memory of the many fruitful hours spent playing Gran Turismo on the PS1.

I decided to buy the game again, so I checked out the second game too which came as a bunde from eBay.

It arrived today!

I very much look forward to  playing this game again, but I bet that it won’t be quite as fun as first time round. Some things should be left alone.

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