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MSc Marketing Conference Presentation

by Martin on Jul.10, 2009, under Martin's Life Blog

Just got back from Center Parcs today and found my (free) work experience application for DiVersity creative agency was ignored. I can’t even GIVE myself away.

So, that aside, I now need to focus on my Conference presentation on the 14th. It’s where I’ll have to present my research project which at present bears the working title ‘Web 2.0 Adoption in SME’s e-Marketing Strategy’ or something like that. That’s a pretty consise definition really.
My presentation, while not made yet, will cover what I want to examine, my theoretical framework and my research philosophy.

Due to the nature of what I’m going to be finding out, I’ll be using a qualititative methodology, teamed with an interpretivist epistemology which gives me the flexibility to literally interpret what I hear in terms of its application to my research objectives and framework. It almost sounds like I know what I’m talking about, yeah?!

Of course, that sounds well confusing, but I’m hoping to find very clear outcomes.

This conference will be the last time before graduation I’ll meet with my fellow students so I guess I’ll post some pics next week – ’cause there’ll be many taken me thinks!

Here’s my Literature review as a Wordle Word Cloud:
lit review cloud

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E-Marketing Presentation

by Martin on Mar.10, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Me and a colleague have chosen our topic of e-marketing to present during tommorrow’s tutorial session – it’s not marked or anything though. I’m going to use a couple of articles from Hoffman & Novak, two (I think) really influential articles about the correct way to embrace the internet for marketing and interaction.
Could have done with more than a week for this, although we’ve done it over a couple of days.

Contains sodium diacetate

Contains sodium diacetate

I was lucky to get sent home from work early too due to it being very quiet and booooring. You’d not have thought that ‘being bored’ at work is that difficult, but once you’ve collected all glasses, walked around aimlessly, wiped everything down, read the ingredients on the bacon fries, smelled all the spirits and worked out how much you get paid in 15 mins, it takes its toll on one’s brain and it’s really time for someone to go home.

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Poster Session

by Martin on Mar.04, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

We had out ‘Poster Session’ this morning, in which we’re to display by means of a poster our research topic for our final research paper.


My tutor seemed to like mine and I got good feedback , I just need to start the literature review now (‘just’!).

I need to find out if there are any segmentations already out there for this market, if not, I may be able to create some typologies for these consumers.

I am aware of my lapse in understanding of terms on the poster: ‘interpretist’ should of course be ‘interpretivist’. Fail.

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Operational Marketing Module Presentation & My Small Victory

by Martin on Feb.17, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

The module’s now over. It culminated in ANOTHER (argg!) group exercise in which me and my two colleagues (hello Trang and Sherry) had to present our chosen subject – Product packaging. It was done in the form of a literature review and was very difficult to come up with using slides to talk about authors.


Anyway, they liked it in the end and I think we have agood mark if our feedback was anything to go by – they really liked it.  If only we’d used some pictures! We dressed up and everything, and I wore my Serif Technical Support tie (it’s just my favourite tie and holds sentimental value) which I hoped would afford me confidence;  there’s literally not a day goes by I don’t think about that place, like a girlfriend you never get over.

The Presentation Groups

I’m often moaning about lack of participation in group work and unequal effort by certain parties, and I was glad on this occasion to be handed the opportunity to ‘fight back’ and show up such incompetence. One of the groups was presenting similar material to what I covered in some depth but the person ‘discussing’ it blatently did not do the work and was just reading off the slide. Well, I was not having this, given all my hard work in understanding the concept — I was not prepared to let this guy go unquestioned, so I did just that. I asked him for what purpose consumers use Extrinsic and Intrinsic product signals and what are they. The answer I was looking for (and he should have known) was evaluation, but he babbled some unintelligable nonsense.

It was a small, quiet victory for me, but I hope I illustrated my point to the tutors marking.

Afterwards a bunch of us went for a (genuine) Chinese buffet which included but not limited to chips and swiss roll. The nerve-wracking day turned into a memorable experience during which interesting conversation proliferated, thanks in part to a certain french colleague’s extreme views on the New World Order.

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