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Results & Weekend!

by Martin on Nov.01, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Well finally we got our results back for my masters. I got a commendation, so a 2.1. I’m releaived that’s over! I look forward to reading the comments on my final project (!)

Zombie Killing

Zombie Killing

So it was Halloween last night — I thought it was gonna be yet another boring day on my own, but I ended up being invited out to Rock City so I thought I had better make a bit of an effort. Being a zombie fanatic, I thought I’d go as a survivor, or rather, whatever I had lying around! In this picture I actually look as if I have seen zombies.
The rest of this weekend will be spent trying to get my laptop to boot into Windows XP setup from a flash drive; so far it’s having none of it. This is really doing my head in; it has no optical drive!

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by Martin on Sep.02, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

I appear to have finished my work now…totally! Just need to print out one of the Appendices at the Print Shop, then I hand it in!
I ended up almost 2000 words over the limit, but after some considered cropping, it’s down to the required amount. I really hate having word limits – 6,600 sounds alot, but I could eaily fill double that if I was allowed! I guess that’s part of the skill — to be concise in one’s argument.
This research project into Internet Adoption in SMEs isn’t one of my favourite papers I’ve done, but it’s not too bad — I hope my marking tutor agrees. I can honestly say I’ve done my best on this course and don’t feel my enthusiasm lagged at any point. I have learned much more since starting in Oct 08 than I have at any other point in my education! I’ve found the best books and other texts I’ve ever seen, and been genuinely engaged by them.
Now I have that horrible gap after one finishes University where you decide what’s next. I look forward to graduation and seeing my mates again.

I guess now I can do fun stuff like get some gaming done, read magazines and tinker with my computer and listen to podcasts without feeling guilty of wasting academic time. I’ve done my best — my marks are now over to my tutors.

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Final Almost Written Up & Contemporary Issues Assignment

by Martin on Aug.26, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

With about two-weeks to go, I had to make a bit of a change to my methodology, moving it from a multiple-case approach, or rather a questionnaire sent to a fairly wide sample, I’ve gone for a case study approach with my friends at !Beware Toys, a start-up in Nottingham.
Due to the change in methodology, I had to re-write that section to include details of the various case study protocols – it’s not just the same as a ’sample of one’ it turns out! I essentially need to utilise more than one collection method – in my case, a qualitative questionniare followed by some additional questions based on some points raised earlier.
Once I have this rich data it should’nt take too long to write it up and wrap up my paper, after all these months in the making!

I also got my ‘Contemporary Issues’ assignment back today entitled ‘Marketing Under Threat’. I got 78% for that, so I’m well chuffed.
The essay does illustrate the way many companies implement their marketing and the way they perceive it. Companies think they know how marketing should be done and who should do it…and very often, they’re bang-wrong, especially longer-established companies who have become set in the ways of ye olde marketing. It’s described better in the article! My concern is that while I’ve been studying marketing in theortical terms, I’ve grown to think of it as an academic discipine, not one which actually happens in organisations. That is becuase the way marketing is done in real-life is probably NOT as exciting and interesting as it is in academia. But this is only because companies are not receptive to the prevalent theories and best practice coming from the journals, otherwise marketing would have changed its face many many years ago. The prophesising from the likes of Levitt, Kotler, Piercy and Porter are just not realised in real-life, and so appear to remain only of interest to academics. So my point is that a job in marketing might not be as exciting as the discipine is supposed to be, because of the short-sighted restraints and ill-informed superiors of those implementing it. I feel that my (currently non-existant) marketing job might not be about implementing these innovative, forward-thinking things I’ve learned, but more about fighting a loosing battle, trying to fly the flag for marketing 2.0.

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Waiting Game

by Martin on Jul.29, 2009, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Today is relentlessly miserable outside. It’s so depressing. I’m still waiting to see if AtosOrigin will take me on!

DSCF5060Meanwhile, I’m trying to make the crucial first steps in getting access to SMEs for my research. My supervisor is talking to a small internet-based company in Germany with whom I can do my research.
My concern is that becuase they are a 100% internet-based company, I’m not sure how applicable my diffusion of innovations theory will be, because for them, Web 2.0 isn’t an innovation it’s just their method of business full stop.

Allow me to share my conceptual map (at least TurnItIn anti-plagarism can’t recognise that when I submit my work!!):

adoption of web 2.0

As you can see, my research will baically be looking (qualitatively) at those antecedents leading to innovations and specifically, how that differs to the adoption of e-marketing and new media in SMEs. My thinking is that Web 2.0 and e-marketing is lightweight and so may be adopted much more readily than other innovations. Basically, what are the characteristics of those businesses who HAVE already adoped Web 2.0?

I have another lecturer who’s contacted various of her contacts to ask if they want to take part in my interviews, but thus far (as I pessimistically anticipated) I have had zero response. I now have a couple of options I guess; do a case study on Zanox, or do this without using interviews.
I’m just waiting to hear back from my supervisor now about a contact with

I wanna go outside but it’s literally tipping it down.

…gonna kill some time on Photoshop.

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