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It’s now done, and complete with a more refined visual theme by using DJ-themed vectors (designed in Photoshop and DrawPlusX3)

SonicSoundz Banner

I have only been able to use images provided by the client, but my hope is to attend some of their appointments and shoot some more images of party-goers especially for the site!
The images will be instrumental in selling the service given the type of business.

SonicSoundz Home Page

Sonic Soundz Gallery Page

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I settled on a logo for SonicSoundz…

It’s a bit different to my original ideas, and I’ve used it in the mock-up for the site. The existing photos I think, need re-shooting – something to match the ‘fresh’ identity of the site. Ideal opportunity to do some low-light stuff. I love it.

The layout will likely change a bit, but I want to stick with the green-on-carbon look.

New SonicSoundz Mock-up:

SonicSoundz - New Home Page
SonicSoundz - New Gallery Page

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I’ve started re-designing the website of Sonic Soundz, a Nottingham mobile DJ.

In order to do so, I have started coming up with some logo ideas which I can incorporate into the site.

Here are some initial ones. I’m not sure if I like them as a final logo, but it’s something to develop.
They’re a work in-progress:

Sonic Soundz - Logo 1
Sonic Soundz - Logo 2
Sonic Soundz - Logo 3

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