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Finished Filming

by Martin on Feb.13, 2007, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Finished the filming phase of my ‘client’ Obsidian now. It culminated in the live gig at the Battle of the Bands competition at Ilkeston tonight. They rocked it up!

They won the votes out of the 5 bands playing so now they are in the finals. They did an excellent performance. The song I am doing which was previously untitled is now called ‘Can’t Do This’.

I set up my two cameras and took the VX2000 at the front row and got some close ups. I have many DVs worth of footage, so now begins the long and arduous editing process. No doubt there will be problems, but I’ve tried to shoot with the edit in mind.

The event organiser spoke to me as he saw me filming, and said I could send him a copy of the vid and he’ll put it on their website. Would be good to see that.

Was a good night, good audience response, but not so packed-out that I couldn’t film. Lighting was also really good, with changing coloured effects
I’m thinking maybe I should have used the VX throughout the filming, but then I doubt John would have let me frequently take 2 or 3 of them out.

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Main Filming #1

by Martin on Feb.05, 2007, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

…well, one of the main shoots.
The next one I will do will be next Sunday hopefully, as they are using the same hall for practising. Then on the Monday is their Battle of the Bands compeiton which I’ll film as their live performance.
Today I had three cameras and I filmed the song tiwce from two angles each plus handheld fill-in shots. Unfortunately, the drummer wasn’t there, as he wasn’t in shot, so the drums were improved on the keyboard very well. The sound will be dubbed over anyway from the studio track, but I’m more worried about the drummer now not appearing in half of the video. I wasn’t aware of his non-presence before setting out.
If he’s in attendance next Sunday then hopefully I can cut him in enough and not waste today’s shoot.


Obsidian Rocking Out

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by Martin on Jan.18, 2007, under Blog, Martin's Life Blog

Was in the recording studio from about5 till 8.30 tonight. Got the band together. Was a fun and productive time.
We got down one track, as yet untitled. Went well, apart from the lack of directional mics for the drumkit. We overshot slightly due to problems getting the CD to burn. I will have to pop back tomorrow to see if Rob can get it on a disc.
I shot some footage of the band doing the recording which I hope to use in the edit. Some good footage of the band generall just being together. I think it’ll look good intercut as black and white.
I got a friend of mine to do the techie stuff – paid him 20 quid. He’s on good money!
It looked fun to do what he was doing with the sound, kind of like video editing in many ways. I wish I had chosen sound engineering last year, as it interests me. Live and Learn.

I think the track laid down needs some more reverb on the vocals, as there isn’t any at present, so the sound is quite dry in that respect. I will get Ollie, my sound guy to add some on Pro Tools on his machine. I think it will sound better.

I will again be filming the band on Sunday doing their practise get-together, so I will need to book equipment tomorrow as well as see Rob.

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